Service, service, service. It’s what set’s us apart. We care about our customers; most of them have really become our friends. That may sound strange, but this is a service industry, and you get to know folks and like them.We’re a small business and are generally likable people, (at least we hope! ) We train our guys thoroughly to be courteous and on time. Our guys and girls work hard; they hustle and help out whenever possible. All this with a smile. If ever you meet a Mat Man that’s having a bad day, we encourage you to let us know about it. You have enough to deal with on your set; you don’t need grumpy layout guys or cleaners. Our guys are meticulous and thorough and swift. If not, they don’t last long as a Mat Man. While our general service includes the installation and wrap of materials we also have a great crop of guys available to work on set with you all day. The AD needs a reliable person to be there to clear mats from frame, when needed, and to replace them too, so damage is prevented. On set guys are Union Local 80 and are available upon request.