We are on time, friendly, detail oriented and will work with your budget.


Service, service, service. It’s what set’s us apart. We care about our customers; most of them have really become our friends. That may sound strange, but this is a service industry, and you get to know folks and like them. We’re a small business and are generally likable people, (at least we hope! ) We train our guys thoroughly to be courteous and on time. Our guys and girls work hard; they hustle and help out whenever possible. All this with a smile. If ever you meet a Mat Man that’s having a bad day, we encourage you to let us know about it. You have enough to deal with on your set; you don’t need grumpy layout guys or cleaners. Our guys are meticulous and thorough and swift. If not, they don’t last long as a Mat Man. While our general service includes the installation and wrap of materials we also have a great crop of guys available to work on set with you all day. The AD needs a reliable person to be there to clear mats from frame, when needed, and to replace them too, so damage is prevented. On set guys are Union Local 80 and are available upon request.


With over 25,000 mats in stock, we keep enough supply on hand, clean and ready to go to cover more than 500,000 sq feet of space. We encourage the use of mats over layout board, when possible, as they are a better choice for the environment. Our mats are made from more than 90% of recycled materials. We do not have bumps on the back of our mats, so there’s no risk of leaving floor impressions or marks and our mats do not melt in the hot California sun! We thoroughly clean them after every job. Best of all, they are easy to move around on set and can be placed in and out of the camera frame quickly.


When the need arrives, we of course offer plenty of the old industry standards. We keep pallets of both new and used in our warehouse and board is stocked on all of our vans. We offer both 4×7 and 4×8 sheets. We offer used board at a discounted price. We clean the used board at our warehouse before it goes back out as no one wants a dirty product in their home or office, and we would not want to bring in anything that might cause damage. After all, we’re in the business of floor protection.


Our Grass Mats are of the highest quality. Manufactured in the UK, they are geo-synthetic, comprised of 100% recycled materials; and are designed to carry weights as high as 20,000 lbs. The purpose of these mats is to place equipment, vehicles, condors or heavy duty equipment on a grassy area without the weight and wheels of the vehicle or carts damaging the lawn. They do so, while allowing the grass access to sun and oxygen, preventing grass burns that would otherwise be created by plywood or dance floor.  They are not meant for pedestrian traffic unless installed a week prior allowing the grass to grow through the mesh. The growth of the grass through the oscillated mesh is designed to increase traction and improve slip resistance allowing pedestrians to walk freely about.


 We now offer quality on location Cleaning Services. Including power washing of concrete, marble, stone, tile and more; floor buffing and polishing; Industrial Carpet Cleaning, (no rugs, please); hauling and trash removal; restoration of home or mansion; office clean up; parking lot, road ways and neighborhood beautification. We believe the location and neighborhood should be left cleaner than before the crew arrived. That way, they’ll always welcome you back!  We are HAZMAT CERTIFIED and have Hazmat services available, as well. No job is too big or small. Just give us a call.


We meticulously protect your walls and furniture with 6′ and 4’ Corrugated as well as Corners, Bubble Wrap and Furniture Pads. With so many years of experience, we have many ways of fastening these materials without ever taping to wood.


Mat Men keeps hundreds of sheets of 3/4” and 1 1/4” plywood at the warehouse, available for rental any time.


We offer the finest quality of Floor Liner and Carpet Mask. We generally use these items to protect stairs but also large volumes of carpeted flooring, as well as doorways and entryways.


We offer 2” Blue Painters Tape (the low tack one, not the dark blue that peels most paint) and 2” Brown Layout Board Tape. Unlike most places, we do not mark up these items. Our cost is your cost. Simple.

I have had the pleasure of using Mat Men on some very large and sensitive locations, where we tend to descend on them with huge crews and intricate action sequences that would make any nervous curator blush with fear.  We’ve been invited back every time in no small part because of the great work the fine people at Mat Men have done to protect the property and keep the owners happy.

– Scott Allen Logan, Location Manager

Let’s make something together.