The show must go on – safely.

As film production resumes in Los Angeles in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever for film sets to be properly sanitized and disinfected. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a “new normal” and filming simply cannot proceed without these crucial health requirements being met. It’s important to make sure your set meets the official standards, so you can stay in business and keep your crew safe and healthy. 

Yet – it can be hard to ensure your set is sanitized correctly! The regulations are complex and rigorous – and you’re already busy with taking charge of the many other aspects of film production. 

Luckily, there is someone you could trust to handle sanitizing your set from top to bottom – so you didn’t have to think about it.

Mat Men and Sunset are a studio and on-set location sanitizing service. We will arrive on time with state-of-the-art air and surface cleaning equipment and ensure your film set meets all safety standards. 

We work thoroughly and efficiently – yet we never get in the way or hold up production. Your filming schedule will continue uninterrupted – while knowing that your set meets all sanitation guidelines. 

Your One-Stop Shop for On-Set Location Sanitizing

If you are a producer, production manager, location manager, or COVID compliance officer your to-do list is already a mile long. 

You don’t want to have to hire multiple companies to supply mats, spray disinfectant, deliver and pick-up hand-washing stations, etc.  

With Mat Men and Sunset – you only have to make one call. We will arrive and handle every detail, so you can focus on other more important things. 

We’ll arrive on time, we are easy to spot and you can flag us down in an instant on a walkie. We are available 24/7 to respond to the quick changes that often happen during production. 

Our certified specialists throughout the Los Angeles area are available to help in a pinch – just give us a call. 

Our Products

We have Local 80 Union Guys/Gals available with onset Safety Kits to help keep surfaces clean and safe during filming. We offer air and surface cleaning equipment as well as set hygiene equipment. See below for our available products.

Titan 2000 Hydroxyl Generator

It can be used for multiple uses such as air purifier, deodorizer, air mover and air scrubber while using no ozone. Titan Hydroxyl Generators clean and decontaminate the air in occupied areas. This technology is certified by NASA and FDA as a type 2 medical device which is “Safe for use in occupied hospital rooms including neonatal and baby rooms”. The market for the Titan is unlimited: Fire and Flood Restoration, Doctor’s Waiting Areas, Nursing Homes, Daycare Centers, Restaurants, Nightclubs, Beauty Parlors, etc. Everyone can benefit from the odor and germ destroying properties of Titan’s TiO2 Photocatalytic process which will clean the air, remove odors, and eliminate poisonous gases and organic pollutants.  

Portable Lunch Wall Sneeze Guard 6′ Table Dividers

Lunch Set-ups with table dividers for safe dining. Dimensions: 1/4″ x 23.5″ x 71.5″ Main Divider for Rectangular Table and 1/4″ x 23.5″ x 47.5″ Side Dividers (2).

Large Capacity Sink

This sink holds 29 gallons of clean water and 29 gallons grey water and we have HUNDREDS in stock. Most companies have 5 or 10.

Protexus PX300ES Backpack Cordless Electrostatic Sprayer

This cutting-edge, lithium-ion battery-powered sprayer which is revolutionizing infection control programs for the education, healthcare, hospitality, commercial real estate and building service contractor markets. Cordless electrostatic spraying technology provides 360 degrees of touchless disinfecting and sanitizing coverage which reaches up to 4X more surfaces than traditional methods like buckets, rags, and wipes. This backpack sprayer is lightweight, portable, and quiet, and it offers an effective, affordable, and safe option to spray bottles, pump sprayers, foggers, and misting units. The Protexus PX300ES is part of the EvaClean Infection Control System when paired with the PURTABS chemistry, and together the system has been third-party validated to ensure disinfecting and sanitizing results

Touch-Free Dispenser Stand with PURELL Hand Sanitizer

AT-A-GLANCE™ refills provide the easiest way to see when refills need to be changed. Uses PURELL® ES6 1200 mL Hand Sanitizer refills. Dispenser and formulation are calibrated to provide the optimal dose for effective hand hygiene. SANITARY SEALED™ PET refill bottle with removable collar for easy recycling. LOCK OR NOT™ technology – can convert to a locking system. Fully ADA compliant.

Clorox Total 360 System

This system is an electrostatic sprayer paired with Clorox trusted solutions. The system provides superior coverage through proven electrostatic technology and delivers Clorox disinfectants and sanitizers onto hard-to-reach surfaces. The system also helps to keep you facility healthier while also saving you time, money and labor. Electrostatic technology enables superior coverage of Clorox trusted solutions in out-of-reach places, including the side, underside and backside of surfaces. Paired with Clorox Total 360 Disinfectant Cleaner, the Total 360 Electrostatic Cleaner has 44 organism claims, including kill claims for cold and flu viruses, Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) and Norovirus in 2 minutes or less. The system provide one-step disinfecting and eliminates odors.

Fellowes AeraMax Pro AM 3S PC Professional Air Purifier

Cleans spaces of 300 to 700 square feet. It is featured with PureView that shows the status of the current room air quality including percentage of particles captured and removed from the air. The display screen shows PM 2.5 and PM 10 air quality making the invisible, visible!. Plus, its EnviroSmart 2.0 includes dual self-regulating laser particle counters, VOC, audio and motion sensors. This Fellowes AeraMax Pro AM 3S PC Professional Air Purifier is backed by a 5-year warranty. PureView shows the status of the current room air quality including percentage of particles captured and removed from the air. Cleans air 300 to 700 square feet. Display Screen shows PM 2.5 and PM 10 air quality making the invisible, visible. EnviroSmart 2.0 includes dual self-regulating laser particle counters, VOC, audio and motion sensors. VOC/odor level display. Floor stand. Filter replacement, life & reorder information. Brightness adjustment, standby and off. 


PPE  gear including Nitrile Powder-Free Disposable Gloves, safety goggles and the KN95 disposable face mask (available in May) aids in the protection of airborne respiratory infectious diseases. The mask provides N95 equivalent filtering protection. The form fitting mask is ear loop style and can be form fitted over the nose. Mask style may vary.

Purell Disinfectants

Kills Human Coronavirus* and Hepatitis A in 60 seconds. Kills Norovirus and MRSA in 30 seconds. Kills 99.9% of germs on surfaces, including the cold & flu virus. No rinse required on food contact surfaces. Proven effective across most hard and soft surfaces.

Clorox Disinfectants

Our Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes remove germs, bacteria, kitchen grease and countless other nasties you find lurking in your home. Kills 99.9% of germs that can live on surfaces for up to 48 hours. Kills 99.9% of Viruses and Bacteria. Kills Staph, E. coli, Salmonella, Strep.

Set Cleaning Cart
Non-Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer

This non-contact forehead thermometer provides an accurate way to take temperatures with precision and ease. The unit can display in either Fahrenheit or Celsius with and accuracy of +/- .03°C (0.6°F). The response time of 1 second, this non-contact thermometer has a measurement range of 32° – 42.9°C (89.9° – 109.2°F). Additionally, the thermometer is hygienic and easy to use. Automatic power off after 30 seconds.

Vollrath Hydra Rinse Single Use Wipes for Companion Mobile Cleaning And Sanitizing System Cart

This canister of single use sanitizing wipes help mitigate recontamination. The wipes are naturally derived and free of phosphates and chlorine. Each canister contains 125 wipes that can be used on any hard non-porous food contact surface. Additionally, these sanitizing wipes are lint-free.

Cambro 4.75 Gallon Black Portable Handwash Station with Soap and Multi Fold Paper Towel Dispenser

Designed to store up to 4.75 gallons of water, this item’s insulated beverage dispenser gives you the dependability you need when it comes to providing your staff members with a safe supply of water, soap, and paper towels for handwashing purposes.

Lysol Disinfectant Spray

Lysol Crisp Linen Spray helps protect your family while offering a fresh, pleasant scent to your home. This disinfectant spray kills 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria on hard surfaces* and is designed to provide germ protection from counters to couches.

COVID-19 Pre-Screened 3/4″ Wristbands

Waterproof, tamper-resistant adhesive closure that prevents transfer of the wristband. If a visitor attempts to transfer the wristband, the adhesive will tear in a way that prevents re-use
Packs of 20 per color

Set Signage
CDC Covid Signage

What Makes Us Special? 

With 37 vans, throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area, we’re available at a moment’s notice. We have enough clean mats to cover 150,000 square feet of space. We are available 24/7, always prepared to serve your needs. 
Our experience in production managing, producing and working directly with locations managers allows us to understand the needs of you and your crew. We have flexible pricing options and work within your budget. Our electrostatic disinfectant spraying methods are efficient and fast. We have multiple disinfectants, the right product for the right job.

A Trusted Brand You Can Rely On

As the wheels of the LA film business start to turn again, you will be sure to see many new companies offering film set sanitization services. After all, due to the IATSE Protocols and Governor Newsom’s Whitepaper, these services are in high demand. 

However, not all of these services can boast the amount of experience we are able to offer. Here at Mat Men and Sunset, we are a trusted brand and we are definitely not new to the industry. 

Owners Ken Coon and Christy Taylor-Coon have a combined 60 years of experience in the Entertainment Industry – with 30+ of these years as a vendor. We understand how film production works and how important it to show up on time and work efficiently. 

You can count on us to be efficient and professional – so you can carry on with production without a hitch. 

Services We Offer 

Layout Boards and Mats

We provide layout boards and mats, as well as other materials to protect the floors and walls of any location you are filming in. We also offer mats for grass, beach and snow. Our reliable team of Union IATSE Local 80 on-set mat guys will work professionally and efficiently to ensure that all the mats you need are delivered and installed on time. 

Lunch Set Ups

Hungry film crews need food – and Sunset makes sure lunch for hundreds can be served in the safest and healthiest way possible. We offer on location lunch set-ups, with table safety dividers, hand washing stations at the edge of each EZ up, signage for your extras and for safe distancing and will ensure that the lunch environment is sanitary according to all Union and County regulations. 

Location Cleaning 

The new COVID-19 protocols require you to have all your locations sanitized before your crew arrives. We offer full cleaning of a location – including power washing, floor buffing, carpet cleaning, clean-up of alley ways, tunnels, beaches and any other location. For more information about our state-of-the-art cleaning technology – including Hydroxyl air scrubbers invented by NASA and more, feel free to contact us! 

Electrostatic Cleaning 

We also offer our new on-set safety electrostatic spraying of interiors, exteriors and stages. We use only the official products approved by the CDC, including Triple-2, Benefect Botanical Decon 30, PurTabs, Clorox 360 and Lysol. The electrostatic sprayers allows us to deliver disinfectant to hard-to-reach surfaces and achieve superior coverage. 

Hand Washing/Sanitizing Stations

In order for your film crew to comply with COVID-19 safety advice and keep themselves as safe and healthy as possible, it’s necessary for them to be able to wash their hands thoroughly and frequently. We provide hand washing and hand sanitizing stations that can be quickly set up wherever you need them. 

 Don’t Take a Risk

When it comes to keeping your crew safe from COVID-19 infection and following official regulations – it never hurts to be careful. Don’t leave this important job in the hands of an inexperienced cleaning team and risk not meeting the regulations. 

Instead, trust us to handle all aspects of sanitizing your film set according to official policy and procedures. Contact us today to learn more about the film set sanitization services we offer and how we can meet your needs. 

With Mat Men and Sunset – the show can go on safely and you can get back to worrying about the important things.