Hire the Best and forget the rest…

– Romeo Santiago, Location Manager

I have had the pleasure of using Mat Men on some very large and sensitive locations, where we tend to descend on them with huge crews and intricate action sequences that would make any nervous curator blush with fear.  We’ve been invited back every time in no small part because of the great work the fine people at Mat Men have done to protect the property and keep the owners happy.

-Scott Allen Logan, Location Manager

Having Ken in the neighborhood, along with the fact that he and his guys consistently do great work, makes Mat Men a valuable asset to Home Shoot Home.

-Russ Fega, Owner of Home Shoot Home

Mat Men has always been available, reasonable, punctual, thorough, and friendly.  I love these guys!

– Jonathan “J” Brown, Location Professional

Fast, efficient, easy to work with. They make my day easier. 1 less thing to worry about. Will often attend tech scout, which makes install and strike that much easier. Great service!

– Florian Schura, Location Manager

Their work is fantastic.  The guys are prompt, professional and courteous.  And they always work with my budget, no matter what the project is.  I can’t recommend them highly enough.

-Eric Sherman, Location Manager

Hands down, the best in the biz.

– Clay Valenti, Location Manager

I have been using Mat Men for layout board and location protection services from their initial launch; I only call Mat Men.  When they were Board Bros, I called them.  The company is run by industry veterans who are production friendly and their staff is timely and conscientious.  I am particularly fond of Christy Taylor and Ken Coon.  Any time, day or night, at any location, you can always count on Mat Men.

-Jason Wolk, Producer

Mat Men consistently does a great job & serves as an invaluable ally
to any production large or small.

– Mel Wilson, Location Manager

I always know what I’m going to get when I book Mat Men. They are consistently friendly, honest, hard working, flexible, professional, and incredibly understanding of a Location Manager’s last minute changes and demands.

In getting back to production work during COVID, there’s been a learning curve for us all, and Mat Men have been ahead of the curve providing additional services that have been both fairly priced and professional.  I am always confident that they will send out quality crew and provide exceptional service.

– Weston Marsh, Location Manager